Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen Pendgracs


Meet award-winning author Doreen Pendgracs April 21st and 22nd at the International Chocolate Fest. Doreen will be giving two talks at the ICF. One about how the Terroir of Chocolate affects the ultimate flavor of the chocolate, as well as a talk about the various pleasures she has experienced throughout the world of chocolate while researching the award winning Chocolatour series. 

Birgitte Rasine

Birgitte Rasine

Birgitte Rasine

A devoted chocophile and lover of natural foods, Birgitte Rasine coined the term "bioelder" in honor of the ancient cacao tree. Ever since the publication of her book "The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree," she has been inspiring scores of readers of all ages to take their chocolate more seriously.


Birgitte is an award-winning author, journalist, producer, and entrepreneur whose work marries sustainability with storytelling, mobile apps with print books, and art with technology. She is the author of numerous literary works and articles, and has spoken on topics ranging from media to sustainability on three continents. Birgitte’s books and mobile apps have been recognized by design and publishing awards and honors from organizations such as the Eric Hoffer Award, International Academy of Visual Arts in Los Angeles, Press 53, and the Alliance of Independent Authors.



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11:30 AM - Jonas Ketterle, Firefly Chocolate

1:30 PM - Chris Forbes, Appreciating Ports

2:30 PM - Doreen Pendracs, The Terroir of Chocolate



10:30 AM - Doreen Pendracs, The Pleasures of Chocolate Travels

11:30 AM - Guatemalan Cacao Ceremony with Isabelle and Ari, First Light Tribe - KITKAT Room

12:00 PM - Chocolate Yoga with Sari

1:00 PM - Chris Forbes, Port and Chocolate Pairings

2:00 PM - Birgitte Rasine - Cacao Lore

3:00 PM - Jonas Ketterle, Firefly Chocolate-The Ritual Use of Chocolate